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TREN-ACE-MAX (ampull)

Trenbolone Acetate (by Maxtreme Pharma) is one of the most common types of Trenbolone. Many people choose this particular steroid due to the fact that it allows you to increase endurance in the shortest possible time and gain muscle mass up to 8-10 kg per course. It also begins to act quickly after the administration. However, it does not differ in the duration of action, so it requires frequent injections to maintain the background.


Properties and effects

The anabolic steroid is used by professional athletes and beginners in sports. It is produced only in the form of injections and has high anabolic properties. At the same time, after being injected into the body, it is converted into oestrogens.

Effects of the intake:

  • Accelerated high-quality and well-drawn muscle mass gain in combination with Turinabol;
  • Stimulates the active production of growth hormone, which accelerates fat burning;
  • Reduces the level of cortisol in the body;
  • Allows you to maintain muscle mass even during a strict diet;
  • Accelerates the growth of high-quality filled muscles.


How to take

Trenbolone Acetate is a fairly powerful drug. Therefore, even solo, it gives a quick and high-quality effect. At the same time, it is not recommended for women and those who are just starting to take AAS. In women, taking it can lead to virilization (excess growth, coarsening of the voice, etc.). It is also forbidden to exceed dosages in order to achieve high results faster. The minimum dosage is 50mg of the anabolic every other day. This amount will be enough for novice athletes. The maximum daily dosage is 300mg (suitable for experienced athletes). You should start the solo course with minimal dosages, gradually increasing them. In this case, you can see the reaction of the body and, in case of side effects, stop the use of this drug. The course should last 5-6 weeks in duration.



Athletes often limit themselves to taking a solo course, as this drug is quite powerful. With a course of more than five weeks, hCG should be used (from 500 to 1000 IU every day) up to 3 weeks after the last injection. Clomid can be used for post-cycle therapy. To restore the level of your own testosterone, you need to use testosterone boosters for a month after the end of the cycle.


Side effects

Possible side effects include the following:

  1. Baldness.
  2. Greasiness of the skin.
  3. Pimples and acne.
  4. Decrease in sexual desire.
  5. Excessive aggressiveness.



Experienced athletes use Trenbolone Acetate for rapid muscle mass building. Many people note its powerful effect on the body. Side effects are observed quite rarely, if the dosage is followed.

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