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Tren-Ace-Max is a product by Maxtreme Pharma of a modern anabolic-androgenic steroid, Trenbolone Acetate. It is used to improve strength indicators, as well as to build muscle.


Properties and effects

The active substance on which the action of the drug is based, is Trenbolone in the form of acetate. It was developed for use in veterinary practice, but its ability to improve results in sports was quickly discovered. Today, this substance is one of the most powerful anabolic steroids in sports pharmacology. It is most often used to gain high-quality muscle mass. Androgenic and anabolic doping also allows it to improve strength indicators. Acetate is the fastest ester, which means it has a short half-life.

It is characterized by the highest anabolic activity, 500 percent, androgenic activity is 400 percent, which often causes the development of side effects. The active substance is not aromatized.

It begins to act 20-30 minutes after administration. The duration of the action is 2-3 days. To maintain an even background of exposure, the drug should be administered daily.


Effects of the application:

  • Building muscle mass (with the addition of Turinabol)
  • Increase in sexual desire throughout the course
  • Improvement of strength indicators
  • Increase in insulin-like factor
  • Fat burning due to the produced growth hormone
  • Lowering the level of cortisol


How to take Trenbolone Acetate

Trenbolone Acetate by Maxtreme Pharma is not recommended for novice athletes as the 1st course of AAS. It suppresses the secretion of natural testosterone, so simultaneous use of gonadotropin on the course is required. The duration of the course of application of Tren Ace is 5-6 weeks. The daily dosage is from 50 to 100mg. After the end of the course, it is necessary to start taking Tamoxifen in the first week after the course at 60mg, in the second at 40mg and in the third and fourth weeks at 20mg. It is not recommended for women, as this often leads to virilization e.g. coarsening of the voice, the appearance of acne and the growth of body hair.



Trenbolone Acetate can also be used in combination with other steroids. To build up ”dry” muscles, it is combined with Testosterone Propionate (100mg every second day). It is also worth paying attention to its very good combination with Oxandrolone.


Side effects:

  • Decrease in sexual desire after cancellation
  • Testicular atrophy
  • Pimples and acne



As the reviews of athletes show, Trenbolone Acetate is used in preparation for competitions and immediately before them to improve physical fitness. The drug helps to gradually create high-quality definition. It should also be taken with caution, without exceeding the dosage.

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